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The Cloud and Why you Need it

I can recall growing up thinking that we would one day have flying cars, orbiting buildings, and floating backpacks. While most of those things don't exist yet, there is something that is floating in space.. or so it seems.. and that is your data. If not, well it should be. To the Cloud...

Okay, it's not really floating in space. It's data and it's accessible from virtually anywhere. This is something that any and every business can benefit from. Anywhere where there is an iPhone, a laptop, a WI-fi connection, or a library

What is the cloud?.. Well, the easiest way to get started is to use Google Docs, Apple's Icloud or Dropbox.

Simultaneous Collaboration

Google Docs is one of those essential tools that has more uses than you can imagine. First and foremost it is a document editor, a spreadsheet editor, and most recently a graphic editor. Next its a collaboration tool. A tool that allows you to share documents with anyone that has a Google account. Once the file is shared you instantly can collaborate simultaneously on the same document. That is real time, simultaneous collaboration.

All of this stuff lives in the so called cloud. Google allows you to store you mail with gmail, photos with picasa, and docs with Google docs. Docs make it easy for team members to share files collaborate with team members and there is even a built in chat feature.

It is important for businesses to stay ahead with technology. It is also almost impossible to sort through the good ones. Look to the Minority Directory to help bring your minority business up to speed. Cloud computing is one of those that has quickly taken off and readily affordable.. Did I mention that Google Docs is FREE? There is also a paid plan that offers more storage space. And security for solutions for HiPPA Compliance. 

The other essential cloud tool that I can not live without is Dropbox. This handy little tool creates a folder on your hard drive and allows you to access that folder from anywhere. It is more seamless because of the offline and the syncing ability. It is also free and offers upgrade-able storage space. One other one to consider is evernote.

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